Thank you for agreeing to help us to build with families in need on Long Island, New York by participating in our sponsorship program in support of our affordable housing program.

Habitat Long Island agrees to support SPONSORING participants in the following ways:

1. Recognize the sponsor's contribution and support on all digital platforms. 

2. Provide a fully developed building site, and the necessary materials (including tools and safety equipment), hire subcontractors, and obtain the necessary building permits and inspections.

3. Provide opportunities for 15 volunteers each sponsored day from the group mentioned below to participate in the building process, and a qualified construction site supervisor to assist your group during the project.
4. Provide financial management of collected funds for the project.

As a SPONSORING participant, please agree to the following:
1. Organize and participate in the building project by providing volunteers 16+ years of age.  There is a maximum of 15 volunteers allowed per build day.

2. Make sure all participating volunteers have signed the Habitat Long Island's liability waiver by digitally signing up for the build day.  If a computer is not available, a volunteer can sign a paper waiver.

3. Support, within its organization and the community at large, the HFHLINY  concept of eliminating sub-standard housing in the  Long Island area and throughout the world. This includes cooperating with HFHLINY  in any publicity and public relations activities associated with the project.

Please list the business address. If there is no business address, please list the address of the Adviser.

Please select 2-3 dates that would work for your volunteer group to build with us.  We will be in touch with the company contact listed to confirm your build date.

*Please note that pledged funds should be submitted before the scheduled build day. If for some reason this is not possible or if you need an invoice, please notify cj@habitatliny.org

We plan to send in funding before the build date
I Agree.
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